4 Escape Room Experiences to Challenge You!

Forget everything you know about Escape Rooms. Spirited Escapes is a full-immersion fantasy. We don’t just throw you in an office space with a suitcase and tell you are on a plane! Our rooms take you to another environment because our amazing professional artists have created an alternate atmosphere through décor, props, and faux finish. You will truly feel like you are a Ghost Hunter in our Haunted Mansion, a Pirate in Captain’s Cove, a Cowboy or Cowgirl in Gold Rush, and a futuristic astronaut in Cryosleep.

Escape Rooms Joliet IL 60435

Haunted Mansion

60 Minute Experience PG-13 (Ages 13+)

The Whitby Mansion was built for James and Edith Whitby in the 1900’s. Legend has it, James (the Lord of the manor) went mad and murdered his entire family. After their death, the Whitby Mansion was sold at auction and turned into the luxurious Laughton Hotel. Your goal is to find proof of the paranormal and crack the unsolved mystery of Edith Whitby’s disappearance, who’s body has never been found.

Gold Rush

60 Minute Experience PG (Ages 7+)

The year is 1874 and you are part of the infamous James-Younger Gang – notorious outlaws of the Wild West. With your leader, Jesse James, laid up with a gun shot wound, it’s up to you to carry out the robbery that has to happen tonight! Get into the vault and get the loot before the Sherriff arrives.  But watch out! There’s a bounty on your head!


10 Minute Experience PG (Ages 7+)

The year is 2320. Draden Briggs, Bounty Hunter scum, has kidnapped you and your friends. He’s transporting you to the planet Xionia and forcing you to work in the copper mines for the remainder of your days. Your mission is to free yourselves from the locked cryocells and take control of the ship, then set a course for your home planet before Briggs wakes up.

Captain’s Cove

10 Minute Experience PG (Ages 7+)

The Caribbean. The year is 1658. Your ship’s crew comes across the wreck of the ship once lead by the hook-handed Captain McGinnis before his crew mutinied against him. Your crew decides to venture onto the cursed vessel. Your goal is to try and find the Captain’s treasure and break the curse, before you become cursed as well.